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 Free, Groundbreaking Guide to Gaslighting

Does a person you know leave you feeling confused or full of self-doubt all the time? Do you feel anxious, or like you might just be too sensitive?

These are just some of the many symptoms of gaslighting - one of the most manipulative and conniving forms of psychological abuse.

In this groundbreaking new guide, you will:

  • Find out what gaslighting is and what it isn’t
  • Read real-world scenarios and dialogues between people
  • Identify and break down the various stages of gaslighting
  • Discover ways to deal with people who gaslight
  • Avoid being gaslighted in the future
  • How to heal and move on in your relationships
  • And much, much more!

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Why Read This Book?

Are you trying to understand more about gaslighting? Have you ever been gaslit and need to recover? Are you currently dealing with gaslighting? 

No matter which stage of gaslighting you are in, each one of these and more will be covered in my book. 

From understanding what gaslighting looks like, to reading situational break-downs and dialogues between people to point out where things have gone wrong—you, as the reader, will be able to look at your own experiences and begin to notice certain behaviors and patterns.

Additionally, information on life after being gaslit will be covered. 

-Linda Hill, Author of "Gaslighting"

About the Author

Linda Hill is the author of several self-help books; she wishes to share her experience and gained knowledge with readers to help those with similar experiences to:

• Know they are not alone,

• Identify their symptoms, and

• Take back control of their lives

• Achieve a sense of freedom and self-worth.

Growing up with a manipulative and abusive parent, she spent many years dealing with mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms associated with abuse.

Recognizing her symptoms were those of gaslighting and PTSD, she began to research these topics and others, and through years of research and conducting case studies, he was able to learn valuable strategies for coping with and healing from her trauma.

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We are currently looking for early readers who would like to read this book for free before it's released to the public.

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