Who We Are

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create the brightest, most durable consumer headlamps on the market so you can do more.

Brightness. Battery Life. Build Quality.

Ultra Lumens was founded in San Francisco along the misty shores of the Pacific, and only a few hours away from the vast outdoor playground that is the Sierra Nevada. We know a thing or two about the importance of the gear we choose, because we know that faulty, low-quality gear can suck the life out of any adventure. It started with a simple observation that turned into an opportunity for us to do better. 

We realized: Every headlamp was pretty much the same. With relatively similar brightness and uninspiring battery life, more often than not, they left much to be desired.  

But what if you wanted an exceptional headlamp? We needed one orders of magnitude superior in brightness, battery life, and build quality. The options weren’t there, so we created it. Now, Ultra Lumens is an international brand with facilities in the United States, Australia, Canada, and U.K. bringing our solutions around the world. 

Chasing horizons and positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of LED technology.



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