Ultra Lumens Flood Pro Headlamp™

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It turns the night into day.

Ever been left in the dark thinking the sun has set on your activities a bit too soon? If so, the Ultra Lumens Flood Pro was designed for you. 

Most other headlamps seem to struggle when it comes to creating a complete 'field of view' illumination. The Flood Pro utilizes unique COB array lighting technology that emits an even and consistent floodlight. No dropout or dark spots. The headlamp provides a comfortable daylight tone that was intentionally designed to simulate true daylight conditions and minimize eye strain and fatigue.

The Flood Pro also features a unique red-light mode, which allows you to conserve your night vision while maintaining a super-wide field of view. While many use this headlamp for everything outdoors, this is also a great choice for workspace illumination (mechanical, electrical, construction and auto work).

The Flood Pro features 4 lighting modes, including low light, high power, red light and red strobe- so you can always dial in the perfect amount of lighting for your activity, whether it's up close or far in the distance. One other fan-favorite feature: there's also a red tail light on the back of the headlamp for maximum visibility to others, including those behind you.

Water Resistance: IPX4
Item Weight ‎3.17 oz / 89 g / 0.2 lbs.
Power supply: 2 x A 18650 battery
Charging: Type-C USB

1 * Headlamp
2 * Rechargeable batteries
1 * Charging cable

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What's included with my order?

Your order for any of our headlamps includes the headlamp, two large rechargeable batteries, and an accessories set including a USB cord, wall charger and car charger (limited time offer, valued at $25+).

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we do. As a limited time offer, we are currently offering free shipping on all headlamp orders for our customers. Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery to support our deeply-discounted delivery program.

What's your return policy?

We stand behind our 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you may return the product for a full refund.

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“Really cool design compared to your traditional headlamps. The light comes out as a beam across instead of individual mini lights. It’s nice and bright for when I go camping and doing some night fishing. Holds great battery life that’ll last me a couple trips but I never chance it.”

Henry T.


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