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Ultra Lumens Headlamp™ Pro

Ships direct from our warehouses located in USA, Australia and parts of Asia.

Wow, that’s bright.

The Ultra Lumens Pro packs a punch. This is our brightest headlamp designed for those who value clarity, penetration, and range above all else. This 20-watt powerhouse produces a clear, high intensity beam that extends hundreds of meters. We mean it when we say it might as well be one of your car’s headlights.  

With zoomable functionality, the Pro allows you to focus its power into a highly concentrated beam, or unleash the brightness into a floodlight, turning the night into day. The Pro is water resistant and built out of durable alloy that inspires confidence. Comes equipped with three rechargeable 18650 batteries and usb charging cable. 


  • CREE LED unit
  • USB Charging cable
  • 3x 18650 batteries
  • Shock Resistant Alloy


CREE LED Headlamp
USB Charging cable
3x 18650 batteries


LED type: XHP70
Material: Aluminum alloy
Batteries: 18650 (3.7 volts Lithium Ion) 


Attention: (Remember to remove plastic wrapper from battery before charging headlamp).


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