Ultra Lumens Headlamp™ Flood Pro


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It turns the night into day.

Have you ever been left in the dark thinking the sun has set on your activities a bit too soon? Do your other headlamps seem to struggle when it comes to complete, field of view illumination? If so, the Ultra Lumens Flood PRO was designed for you. 

The Flood Pro utilizes unique COB array lighting technology that emits an even and consistent floodlight. No dropout or dark spots. This headlamp provides a comfortable daylight tone that was designed to minimize strain on the eyes and simulate true daylight conditions.

You can also use the red-light mode to conserve your night vision while maintaining a super wide field of view. The Flood PRO proves to be a vital tool for not only outdoor use, but workspace illumination for mechanic, electrical, and construction work as well.



There are 4 modes, including low light, high power, red light and red strobe so you can have the perfect amount of lighting for your activity, whether it's up close or farther away. There's also a red tail light for people behind you.



Water Resistance: IPX4
Item Weight‎3.17 oz / 89 g / .2 lbs
Power supply: 2 x A 18650 battery
Charging: Type-C USB

1 * Headlamp
2 * Rechargeable batteries
1 * Charging cable


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