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Ultra Lumens Flood™ (Special)


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Don't let this compact headlamp deceive you. The Ultra Lumens Headlamp™ Flood is ultra light and comfortable to wear. It creates a "No bounce" experience, unlike other headlamps.

It will light up everything around you. The 230 °Wide-Angle Illumination makes the light flood out and reach the sides which normal headlamps can't reach. Great when you need to light up large areas around you.

Ideal for bikers, hikers, campers, mechanics, plumbers, and everyone in between

5 light modes, including a spotted mode (XPE LED), makes this headlamp capable of switching from flood light to a long distance throw when you need to see what's far ahead of you.

This headlamp also contains motion sensor so you can turn it off/on without touching the button. Perfect when you are wearing gloves or your hands are occupied.


Product specification:

Color: Black

Materials: Silicone & ABS
Product weight: 0.16 lb/2.5 oz/72 g
Product size: 3.74 " * 2.16" * 2.75 "
Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
Charger: Type-C Micro USB Cable
5 Light Modes - Flood Beam High Mode, Flood Beam Low Mode, Spotted Beam High Mode, Spotted Beam Low Mode, hold for Strobe Mode.

Package contains:

1 * Headlamp
1 * Type-C Micro USB to USB Cable Included
1 * Instructions


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